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My name is Rebecca and, although I come from a Bilingual Education background, I am currently working on an Associate's Degree in Web & Mobile Design at Collin Community College. I love Web Design and coding and hope to make this my second career very soon!

Courses toward my degree include:

    Summer 2018 Courses Completed:

  • Beginner Web Programming with HTML, CSS, & JavaScript
  • Web Design Tools: Adobe Creative Suite-Photoshop
  • Introduction to Programming with C++

    Fall 2018 Courses Enrolled:

  • Intermediate Web Programming: Emphasis on JavaScript
  • Web Interface Design: UX/UI, SASS, & Advanced CSS

I am also continously learning through open resources like CodeCademy, Udemy, and Treehouse. My innate passion for learning has helped me to stay motivated and persevere during my independent learning. In fact, this supplemental learning helped me to understand JavaScript frameworks like the W3C and Bootstrap 4 which I used to create this site!

    Independent Study Courses

  • CodeCademy - HTML, CSS, & Responsive Web Design
  • Udemy - HTML5 & CSS3 Fundamentals
  • Udemy - JavaScript for Beginners
  • Udemy - WordPress for Beginners
  • Udemy - Learning C++ by Creating
  • Udemy - Web Developer BootCamp -in progress

My goal is to use these skills to obtain a Front-end Developer role in the North Dallas/Plano area. Please check out my projects, my social media links, or send me a message on Linkedin. I'd love to hear from you.

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Coffee Shop - Bootcamp Project

In this project, I created and coded-from-scratch a coffee shop website as part of a Web Development Bootcamp Udemy course. As a coding newbie at the time, I struggled learning how to create navitation bars with links that worked. I succeeded with support from tutorials and this is the resulting website.

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Becca Bunny Page

This webpage was orignally only HTML. I wrote it after learning basics of how to code through CodeCademy. I styled it and rewrote some of its content after learning how to use CSS. The result was my first static web page created using only HTML and CSS. Since I wanted this page to something fun and silly, I used a "bunny" theme and added dancing bunnies.

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CSS Photo Grids

As part of my Web Development Bootcamp on Udemy, I created a CSS grid using open source photographs. This lesson taught me how to use CSS padding, margins, and grids. The page is simple and modern and just nice to look at! More than that, I really enjoyed creating it.

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PhotoShop Lessons

Learning how to use Photoshop was a huge part of my Web Design Tools class at Collin College. In this site, I customized a W3C template and created a functioning site as part of my final project for the class. In the site, I compiled a few of my Photoshop assignments along with a short description of the work I did to make each image. I love design and look forward to creating more commercial images in the future.

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JavaScript Tennis Game

Using JavaScript and support from a self-taught Udemy course, I coded-from-scratch this fun JavaScript tennis game. I loved the way it turned out and had a great time coding it. I love these type of projects and the way coding can make magic like this happen! Try to beat the computer by scoring three points first - enjoy!

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SASS for UX/UI Design

My fall semester courses are helping me learn SASS for UX/UI design. I am confident I will soon have a new project to showcase with these wonderful new skills, so check back soon!

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